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Costs & Pricing

Membership and Insurance 

There is a one off Membership/Insurance Charge of £56.

In your first month of membership you will receive a licence, insurance, membership of the BCCMA and Long Feng Martial Arts Association, you will also receive a syllabus sheet.

Training Fees
If you train one day a week your months training fees are £21. If you train more than once per month it will cost £28.00 per month or if you are a Green sash or above.  Fee's are payable the first week of each calendar month, if you wish to set up a Standing Order please let us know and we will provide you with our banking details. We have a monthly fee to ensure we have money to pay for our venues, this is important to us and it keeps costs down for every member. If for any reason you miss a payment we will ask you for the shortfall to cover your insurance.

You will be graded when you are ready, this is to encourage students to train with full committment at each class, generally there is a minimum of 3 months between gradings. If you are ready you will be eligible to grade, the fee payable is dependent upon the grade which covers room hire, production of certificates and your sash or belt. Little Dragons fee's are £10 per grade, there are twelve grades within the Dragon grading system.

Uniform and other necessary equipment etc
We have sourced very high quality equipment and can supply sparring safety equipment, training shoes and uniforms at very reasonable costs. It is important to us that we keep the costs to you as low as possible.

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