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Kung Fu or Gung Fu which is it's correct title means hard work the correct term for Chinese Martial Arts is Wushu. It encompasses sequences, sparring, wrestling, self defence as well as internal and external exercises for strength and overall fitness.

In the UK we understand that Gung Fu is a Chinese Martial Art but may not be aware of the many different aspects to Chinese Gung Fu. There are different styles, systems.

Northern Styles differ from Southern Styles and family styles differ from animal styles. Understanding Gung Fu or Wushu can become a minefield.

Long Feng Martial Arts follow a syllabus that initially concentrates on fitness and self defence. Our syllabus for seniors is Wha Duc Lung, White Crane and Northern Shaolin the syllabus includes Sanshou and Self Protection. Students have the opportunity to study Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and QinNa as well as weapons.

The exercises develop internal as well as external strength and are suitable for many people.  There are twelve grades to black.

Gung Fu is about hard work and positive attitude, if you are thinking about doing a form of martial arts you will be required to put effort in, the more effort you put in the greater the benefits you will achieve.

We are able to offer professional development through courses such as Coaching Qualifications and First Aid. We also offer seminars in weapons training, application of form, push hands and tai chi chuan.