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Little Dragons


The little dragon classes are for 4 - 7 year olds

The Little Dragon programme is designed to assist the child in the following ways:

  • Building self confidence
  • Developing balance and co-ordination skills
  • Learning discipline and self-discipline
  • Enabling the child to understand the concept of bullying, how to avoid being bullied and ensuring they do not grow into bullies
  • Staying safe and avoiding negative situations
    • The Dragon Syllabus takes children through twelve grades:

      • Bronze, Silver & Gold Rabbit
      • Bronze, Silver & Gold Snake
      • Bronze, Silver & Gold Tiger
      • Bronze, Silver & Gold Dragon
        • Each belt is specifically made for the child and they will receive a certificate for each grade. By the time the child reaches Gold Dragon they will be ready to commence their Junior certification.

          The Little Dragon Programme is also a the National Children's University Course with a module available.

          It is important to remember that young children whilst learning very quickly, also forget very quickly. If a child is only attending one lesson per week their progress will be slow and they can get disillusioned with their lack of progress. Ideally to benefit fully from training children should attend two sessions per week. Parents are encouraged to take part to guide their child through the learning process.