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Long Fêng Martial & Cultural Arts are an independent martial arts organisation committed to high quality training. Master Dan Amphlett is the chief instructor, he has over 40 years experience in martial arts and has trained with some of the best martial artists in the UK and China, Long Fêng Martial & Cultural Arts is opposed to the franchise culture that is offering expensive training with inexperienced and often unqualified instructors.

Martial Arts rather like life is about balance, Long (pronounced Lung) is Mandarin for Dragon; Fêng (pronounced Fung) is Mandarin for Phoenix. Traditionally the usual pose for these two creatures is almost antagonistic with the two leaping at each other. However once the two embrace their differences and become one the imagery of the Dragon and the Phoenix is likened to the ultimate union of yin and yang. Their distinctiveness is preserved and the two combine with each other rather than face each other creating a harmonious relationship.

Martial Arts is also about personal growth and development. You may wish to train at one point in time, it may be something you pick up at different stages of your life or something you wish to pursue for all time. It is important to remember that it is about you and what you want to achieve or aspire to be.

Our focus is on fitness, family, motivation skills, discipline and self-discipline, developing strength and co-ordination, building confidence and dealing with the unfortunate bully culture that is rife in society today.

Watching people develop, seeing their confidence boosted as their fitness and abilities increase is one of the most satisfying aspects of our art.

Our lineage can be traced through Wha Duc Lung and Pak Hok Pai, our UK instructor is Grand Master Bob Weatherall who was a student of the late Luk Chi Fu & Master Wong.

Pak Hok Pai Lineage

Simhanada Gong Gut Lama Vajra Drollo (Dharma Master)
A Da Tuo 阿達陀
Duo Luo Ji Tan 多羅吉坦
Kay-Lam Buddha (Lama)
Jikboloktoto (Lama) Ng-Mui
Sheng Long 升隆長老
Da Zhi (Ta Chi) 大智
Da Hui (Ta Hui) 大慧
Da Yuan (Ta Yuan) 大圓
Da Jue (Ta Chueh) 大覺
Wang Yin Lin (Wong Yun Lam) 王隱林
Chen Yin (Chan Yum) 陳蔭
Zhou Xiang Yuan (Chow Heung Yuen) 周香遠
Zhu Zi Yao (Chu Chi Yiu) 朱子堯
Huang Lin Kai (Wong Lam Hoi )黃林開

Lu Zhi Fu (Luk Chi Fu) 陸智夫- 2nd generation

Ou Hai 歐海 - 3rd generation
Su Run Sheng 蘇潤生
Chen Zhuo Jun 陳卓均
Chen Yong Nian (Chan Wing Ning) 陳永年
Fang Kun 方昆 - USA
Liang Hong 梁洪
He Bao Guang 何寶光
Chen Guo Yuan 陳國元
Deng Guang Rong 鄧光榮
He Zhuo 何焯
Lu Shao Wen 陸紹文
Lu Shao Xin 陸韶新
Xie Yong Zhi 謝永枝
Li Ying Cong 李應聰
Bob Weatherall – England

  • Dan Amphlett – England
  • Alexandra Hyde – England
  • Ian Beauchamp - England

    • Liu Rong Ye 劉榮業
      Fan Keng 范鏗

      Long Fêng are committed to working with the local community and to keeping martial arts franchise free.