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Mindful Movement for All


Welcome to Longfeng Martial & Cultural Arts, we choose to be different.

A true black belt uses mind, body and spirit and never stops learning. They become quietly confident, they do not actively seek out trouble, they learn to stay calm in difficult situations and deal with problems quietly and effectively.

If you want to learn something real, something different, something that works and is a continual lifelong learning experience, then find someone to teach you this. Only if you are really lucky will you find someone on your doorstep.

Many of our students have been through the franchise experience, fortunately for us they genuinely want to learn Martial Arts and we are proud that they have found that they can do so correctly and safely with us.

Mindfulness is at the forefront of society today, correct training in Gung Fu focusses the mind and the body, our aim is to use this Mindful Movement to help you be a more rounded individual.

What Makes Us Different?

We are not franchised. Many Martial Arts Organisations in the UK today run on a business model. They are designed to create as much money as possible, this extends to regular gradings, expensive fees and instructor training. You will be seen as a commodity and will be squeezed for every penny.

What Does That Mean to You?

Your instructor may have only been training for six months. The quality of what you learn may be poor. Your instructor may use unsafe training methods. They possibly will not understand the biomechanics of the human body and may put your joints under stress causing damage and injury.

Your class may be brand new but if after a few weeks they do not have enough students that class may be closed and you may be asked to switch to a different class which might not be convenient. You may be asked to sign up for 12 months on a direct debit. You may be asked after six months training to join their instructor programme at an additional fee and then sent out to run your own classes.

You will grade frequently and you may achieve your black belt status relatively quickly, but how much will you know?

Knowledge comes through time, effort and practice, it is the nature and art of gung fu.

In 2016 we celebrated ten years as Longfeng Gung Fu, Dan celebrated 45 years of training and Alex 25 years of training - The dragon and phoenix work hard and continue to provide the best quality training.......