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Long Feng Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Chuan translates to supreme ultimate boxing.

Both instructors have studied Sun Style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi and Yang Style Tai Chi. In China we studied at Beijing University under Laoshi Zhangmen and in the UK we study with Master Bob Weatherall, the technical advisors are Simon and Dick Watson of Longfei Taiji, Dick is one of the foremost experts in the UK in Taiji.

Longfeng teach Yang Style Tai Chi developed by Yang Cheng Fu. Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is the most popular Tai Chi style practiced today. Yang Style is one of five styles of Tai Chi recognised in China, these are Chen, Yang, Wu, Hu and Sun. By studying true Tai Chi you can rest assured that you will learn correct movement and posture as well as the martial technique.

Our classes start with a gentle warm up of rotations, followed by some loosening exercises and stretches. You will also learn Qigong (breathing exercise coupled with movement of the arms) to relax and to cultivate Chi. For beginners we focus on form and posture more advanced students will incorporate the 'Essences' or Tenets of Tai Chi and Push Hands. Correct Tai Chi training incorporates mindful movement and has been practiced this way since its inception in the 11th Century.

Students learn to